Tiny Tasters

Devised by a qualified primary teacher, we provide fun, themed and educational cooking classes where little ones can make, bake and create as they release their inner chef.


Cooking is a great way to combat fussy eating, promote healthy food choices and learn a range of important skills; from reading to counting, singing to measuring, our classes offer a fun and balanced approach to cooking. Through stories, songs and hands-on experience, our themed classes take our tiny tasters on a culinary adventure to remember.

Our focus is on healthy eating, exploring fresh and exciting ingredients, whilst learning a range of important early cooking skills. Feedback from parents is testimonial to how our classes introduce healthy foods in a fun and relaxed way, eliminating the pressure for both children and the grown ups.

Each of our tiny tasters are given the opportunity to experience real-life cooking tools which stay with them throughout the class. Their own workspace and work mat, as well as activities like washing up, means our tiny tasters feel responsible, independent and chef-like!

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